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Calling all health leaders: Make a personal pledge to lead from the front on physical activity in 2015

Getting people more physically active is a priority for public health leaders across the globe.


According to the international Designed to Move initiative, in less than two generations, physical activity has dropped by 20% in the UK and 32% in the US. In China, the drop is 45% in less than one generation.

The impact on human health is both frightening and profound. Sitting really is the new smoking. This year, 5.3 million deaths will be attributed globally to physical inactivity. Smoking, by contrast, is responsible for 5 million deaths per year. 

To get people moving more, setting the right example from the top will be vital. Whether you’re a public health director, nurse, wellness lead, doctor or HR manager, if you have a leadership role in health, the evidence is clear: what you are seen to do personally can have a significant impact on others.

As the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE ) puts it, ‘Buy-in from the senior management team is key’ to getting almost all public health and wellness initiatives working efficiently. 

That is why StepJockey, working together with Exercise Works, are asking health leaders to make a personal physical activity pledge for 2015.

We’ve picked five physical activities that can be seamlessly built into daily life without cost or significant investment of time. All have been shown to deliver measurable health benefits if integrated into your life and maintained over a significant period of time. They are: 

  1.  I pledge to walk 10,000 steps a day
  2.  I pledge to take the stairs for all journeys of five floors or less
  3.  I pledge to always stand while working at my desk
  4. I pledge to make every second meeting a walking meeting
  5. I pledge to walk, cycle or jog to work at least three days a week

Our survey allows you to say why you’ve picked the pledge you did and, if you prefer, you can add your own pledge.

Health leaders are signing up fast, so please take just a moment now to fill in the form and be among them. 

Once all the responses are in we will publish the findings in a bid to inspire others to move a whole lot more in 2015!


Many thanks Nina Whitby from StepJockey




In sickness and in health... prescribe physical activity! Says @exerciseworks

Presentation 11th December, 2014 for the London Sports and Exercise Society by Ann Gates, Founder of Exercise Works! @exerciseworks.


Exercise Works! is on a short break...

Dear Followers

We are on a "carers" break for a short while and we will be breaking up in time for Christmas. We will be back for New Year!

May I take this opoortunity to say a huge thank you to all my colleagues, networks and physical activity advocates around the world. Season's greetings to all!

Ann Gates BPharm(Hons) MRPharmS

Founder and Director of Exercise Works!