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The TRIP Database is a clinical search tool designed to allow health professionals to rapidly identify the highest quality clinical evidence for clinical practice.

About Exercise Works!

Exercise - every patient, every opportunity.

All health professionals should consider exercise as a ‘medicine’ in its own right, recommending and prescribing physical activity at all appropriate opportunities.
As a preventative treatment physical activity should be recommended for many diseases as a first line treatment.

Here at Exercise Works! we understand how important exercise is in the management of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, depression, sleep disorder, dyslipidaemia, osteoporosis, obesity, overweight, and some cancers.

Exercise Works! is also able to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of exercise advice for patients in hospitals or on waiting lists for operations. Pre and Post operative exercise advice is important in a patients health status and specific physical activity support can significantly reduce the associated medical and surgical risks of elective surgery.

We are dedicated to educating and supporting health professionals to understand the benefits and the ability to give constructive exercise advice to patients.

We do this through:

  • Educational consultancy.
  • Creating training modules for health professionals and the public.
  • Using innovative methods and technology.
  • Enabling patients to access quality exercise advice and support materials.

Exercise Works! offers professionals from Sports and Exercise Medicine, the NHS, the Fitness Industry, Designers, Patient information groups, Private Industry, the Telecommunications Industry, the Film Industry and Charities to work with your organisation to help deliver the best exercise advice to patients and the public. 

To find out more or to get in touch to discuss your own requirements, click here to send us an enquiry.

Ann Gates is a qualified clinical pharmacist and a member or the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

John Gates MCSP is a member of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.


Ann Gates is a Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals. Personal Trainer and Chronic Disease Exercise Specialist (Level 3) and a Level 4 BACPR Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Instructor.



Ann Gates is a Member of the Council of the Register of Exercise Professionals (UK)



Ann Gates is a qualified INWA and British Nordic Walking Instructor.