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The TRIP Database is a clinical search tool designed to allow health professionals to rapidly identify the highest quality clinical evidence for clinical practice.

Welcome to Exercise Works!

Exercise - every patient, every opportunity.

We have built our business on the knowledge that exercise is important for health and wellbeing. With a vast amount of experience in healthcare organisations ranging from clinical practice, safe and effective medicines use, clinical and strategic leadership, capacity building, through to disruptive innovation - we know we have the expertise to help ALL healthcare professionals, communities and patients access quality advice and support to implement exercise as a first line treatment for illness prevention and management.

Please join our #MovementForMovement!


A Movement for Movement: the editorial and blog.

Embedding physical activity in the undergraduate healthcare curriculum is an important step to building capacity in the future workforce to promote physical activity, every contact. This podcast features two UK medical schools and schools of health describing their approaches to upskilling tomorrow’s healthcare professionals, in physical activity, for tomorrow’s patients using the #MovementForMovement educational resources and a community of practice approach. 

 And here is the BJSM 2015 podcast with Ann Gates and Ian Ritchie on this topic- 6,000 listens already.

Please enjoy listening to Ann Gates and Mr Ian Ritchie PrRCSEd podcast for the British Journal of Sports Medicine on why training tomorrow's health professionals, in exercise medicine, works for tomorrow's patients:


See: A paradigm shift for exercise medicine BASEM 2014 Copyright @exerciseworks from Ann Gates

We also presented at the NHS Health Innovation Expo 2011. View Ann Gates presentation below or click here for links for Innovations Conference Interviews!


Click here for more information about the conference...